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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paul's birthday party at home

These are the only 7 pics of Paul with our friends. The bottom 2 pics are Charlene and KC's Tennis Team from their school. These kids were really nice they helped us clean up. They had so much fun even the party was over they still did some games. Charlene said that she will invite them again on her birthday Sept 27.

Some of the games that they took pictures. We had 15 to 18 games I think. The first on the pic was a winner for the game * who have a tattoo* The second pic on the right was the winner of the game *who have a $100 bills on their wallet* Each winner have to pick his/her prize. On the middle pics first and second pics was the kids musical chair game. And the last one was the junior musical chair game. The hostess ask for the moms to do the game but only 2 wants to play so they didn't do it. The bottom pics when they all dancing....

He was very happy when we was blowing the candle. He's excited, he want to get the Mickey Mouse already when they're not yet finish singing the happy birthday song. I totally forgot his Mickey Mouse birthday hat. I made some Mickey Mouse hats too but I didn't see any pics
of them. They really had fun with the pinata. Each kid had to pull a string untill the lucky one pull the string that make all the candies and toys fall at once.

Paul's party last saturday. So many people didn't make it because it was raining! We had a lot of fun most especially the kids. Everyone enjoyed the foods, the games, the prizes, the goodies and the dancing. This is a small party but everyone had fun!!!


BearFamily said...

Aww what great birthday photo's !!! Love to see you so happy with all your friends and family! Love Paul's birthday cake, it looks made from the same as Keanu's cake was, how fun. I had a surprise party for my birthday last saturday, you can read all in my blog.


dutchbird said...

Looks like veryone was having a ball!
Congrats on Paul's b-day!

Your friend


Helen said...

Super super photos! He looks so happy. I just LOVE the photo of you and Paul together. TFS! Have a great week Arlene.

Heather said...

It looks like everyone had a blast! That doens't look like a small party to me! LOL Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog redesign!

Gez said...

Lovely photos Rleen, everyone looks sooooo happy!
Plenty of memories & photos to scrap!!