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Friday, July 31, 2009

My altered projects

Aloha to everyone!!! I'm sorry for MIA in a long time. I really miss posting and hop blogging. Hope everyone enjoying the summer :) Today I just want to share with you all my altered projects that we used on my daughter's graduation party last month.
The first one is the giant card for people to sign in. This was a big box that I cut into half and use the other half. I painted white inside and attached white cardstock. Then I painted orange in the front and then decorated. Finally I used my Hello Kitty cartridge. All the guests love it and of course I love it too :)

This one was the milk powder can I altered it for the vase of the flowers and money flowers that I made. The cute little white bear was sent by Linny my friend from Thank you so much Linny.
This one is the old plastic container for my embellishments. I covered with black cardstocks, I cut 12x12 cardboard covered it with black cardstocks, added glitters on the edges and then added the orange tassel that I made from the yarn and attached it on top. All the guests dropped their envie in there....
The last one is her name. I used 2 boxes for these. I cut 15x20 then I painted with white and Charlene did the letters then we added the blue flowers. Hope you like my altered projects. Thank you and have a wonderful day!