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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Angela's first day in school

Finally, Angela went back to school today. Here are some photos this morning in the front yard before we drop her off. She did pretty good today, yes she didn't cry when we left her. Not like the last time when she went to school where I work at she didn't want to go to her own classroom ,she wanted to stay with me. That time I had a hard time to transfer her to her own classroom. She's happy she got her Dora pillow and blanket. Hopefully she's enjoying and making friends right now. I didn't get a call from the school so I'm sure she doing good. This is another busy day, we have 2 more appointments to do. Just me and Baby Paul at home, just a little bit quiet now.


Helen said...

what a big girl now! Love these photos..especially of the two of them together.

dutchbird said...

I love the picture of your ds with the dora pillow!

We've had our first week of school aswell... No tears here either... thank goodness, it always kills me when they cry.. it leaves me with an awfull feeling all day.. (while the kids are having fun at school of course!!!)

Enjoy the quiet time!


BearFamily said...

Oh how exciting!!! I think she will like school and make lots of new friends. Glad she didn't have to cry, than it's always harder to leave them.
Yes, I'm glad I have some friends with little kids too, so sorry that there aren't any kids of Paul's age yet, does he go to daycare yet??

BearFamily said...

Oh how cute they are, I've noticed that Angela is getting to look more like you now, specially her eyes I think.