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Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday of KC

KC's 15th birthday today and we had a dinner at Bravo Restaurant in Pearlridge. Oppsss!!! someone is missing here! Yes, I didn't know how it happened that Charlene doesn't have any pic here. I thought I did one shot of her and KC but not. Just a simple layout for KC's birthday. I got the beautiful paper and the overlay from Adeyeo freebie. Please check out for more freebie in her Blog and her Store just click HERE Thank you Adeline for sharing your gorgeous creations! Thank you for looking!


BearFamily said...

Oh happy birthday to KC too !!!! If I have known that she celebrated too, I had sent her a card also. Happy belated birthday, hope you had fun!!

seo company said...

OMG that picture of you is so darn cute..