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Friday, August 15, 2008

Beautiful Hawaii

Photos taken while we driving to Kualoa Park in North Shore.
Photo taken by Charlene. This is another part of Waimea beach.

The beautiful Waimea Beach.


BearFamily said...

Oh what gorgeous photo's !!! I just put some photo's on my new blog, check it out. Please change the link to my blog into the new one, from now on I will only use the new blog.

Helen said...

Well hello! How wonderful to see you here! I am so happy that you found me! I shall add you to my faves now! What gorgeous photos and I hope all your plans for your son's birthday are going well. Best wishes from Australia!

dutchbird said...

Hi Arlene,

How wonderful to hear from you! I can't beleive how big your baby is already! You have beautiful pictures and creations on your blog!


Tracey said...

Beautiful photos honey- thanks for stopping by my blog - good to see you - long time no see !!! hope you and your precious family are all well, take care and enjoy your weekend XXX

brainteaser said...

Manang Arleen!

Congratulations for putting up this very lovely page. I mean it. Your talent (and your daughters') show in your pages. Wow, amazing!

I love the header (please tell your daughter), your pictures... everything! Can't wait to see some more of your works. And wow, I can just imagine how this will turn out to be when you're done.

Nagpintas! :-)

Bilingual Pen